Sunday, December 14, 2008

GARlIC, the wonder HERB

Human studies have shown that the production of white blood cells, needed by the body to fight invading viruses and bacteria, is stimulated by garlic. Garlic is rich in anti oxidants. Anti oxidants reduce inflammation, and, at the core, it is inflammation within your body that sets you up for heart disease. Our bodies make high levels of cholesterol because there is inflammation and cell wall destruction. Cell walls are made of cholesterol, so when there is damage to them, which occurs with inflammation, more cholesterol is produced to repair them. What causes inflammation? Any kind of stress: emotional, illness, toxins in the environment, chemically loaded “foods” such as fast foods, lots of preservatives or taste enhancers like MSG, diet chemicals like aspartame drugs (both legal and illegal), low water intake, allergies, medications and more. Garlic also acts a lot like aspirin in that it thins the blood and slows clotting time. It can help prevent stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure, and has been found to lower high blood pressure. It has been found to increase circulation and decrease pain in the feet and legs in Diabetics, especially when taken together with Thiamine( vitamin B1). Since garlic decreases clotting time, if you are on blood thinners is important to talk to your Doctor before increasing garlic in your diet.RECOMMENDED DOSAGE:

1 clove, crushed, or 2 –3
capsules a day. The
capsules should be high
allicin or aged garlic

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